Visiting NJ

We arrived on Saturday night – late for NY but not so late for SF.  Ella was amazing on the plane and couldn’t wait to see grandma and papa.  They were just as excited to see her as they met us at the airport.  We had dinner at around 10:30 and Ella was up until 12:15.  She was so happy and it was like watching a kid in a candy store.  Everything here was new to her.  Ella finally fell asleep and slept for a good 10 hours…something rare for her.  AJ and Milo came over during the day and we just hung around, played, took lots of pictures, had a great dinner and of course watched Annie.  Today was a great day.  It ‘s great being here.  Tomorrow, I am going to watch Sunny give a lecture at Pace Law School.  I am excited to see Sunny lecture.

120.jpg Sweet Ella at the airport on Saturday morning.

216.jpg Ella on the airplane.  She has us rent Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs for her on the plane.  She seemed like she enjoyed it.

313.jpg AJ and beautiful Milo.

47.jpg57.jpgElla and Milo – sweet cousins.

66.jpgMilo and AJ at dinner.

76.jpg Ella in her paper bag princess disguise.

85.jpg95.jpgBath time for Milo.

104.jpg Grandma, papa and the loves of their lives.

1110.jpgMilo was much more cooperative than Ella.

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  1. merilee says:

    It’s wonderful having you all here. I love you. Mom

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