Wearing pants and a shirt to school this week

For those of you who live in the Bay Area, you know that the weather has been pretty crappy the past few days.  For those of you who don’t live here, it’s been pretty crappy out…nothing crazy, just a lot of rain and wind.  Ella decided on Tuesday that she would wear pants, a shirt and a sweater to school because she didn’t want her dresses to get wet in the rain.  Ella has looked totally adorable and I took a few pictures today.  We are leaving to go back east in a few days.  Ella is hoping for snow…we are not!

1bug.jpg2towby.jpgElla and her doggies this morning.  Check out the outfit.

3afterschool.jpgSweet Ella…the rain is all gone but the rain gear is still on.

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  1. merilee says:

    Bring layers. It shouldn’t be below freezing, but to your thinned-out blood it will be chilly. Ella looks adorable in a sweater and pants! Can’t wait to see you. Love, Mom

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