A new bicycle and ballet class

Today, Juliet gave Ella her old bicycle – one that was too small for her.  Ella was so thrilled.  The 3 girls took a fun bike ride today around the ballpark and into the little park behind the ballpark.  It was the first time that Ella rode a 2 wheeler with training wheels all by herself.  She seemed like a natural.  I think it helps that at school they ride around on these tricycles.  The girls had a blast and it was fun to all hang out.  There is a video at the end of this entry.

Here are some great shots from today.

117.jpg214.jpgElla on the go!

310.jpg45.jpg55.jpgJuliet pushing Ella on the merry go round.

65.jpg Big girls on top of the world.

75.jpg84.jpg94.jpg103.jpgGreat jumping Ella!

118.jpg Check out Stella’s move.

123.jpg GO Juliet go!!!!!

S0 much fun had by all.

Ella had ballet this afternoon.  There are 2 videos here…one from bike riding and the other from Ella’s ballet class.

I am much too tired to make any sense so here are the videos.

2 Responses to “A new bicycle and ballet class”

  1. merilee says:

    Ella’s bike riding is amazing! She’s really a natural. I loved your music. And, as always, Ella’s ballet class is precious. What’s with the gloves? Very creative costume! I love the jumping shots you took of Ella; really captured Ella’s joy of jumping. Love you. Mom

  2. Courtney says:

    Those are pretty much the most stylin’ sunglasses I’ve ever seen. Like, ever. I had a similar yellow pair when I was Ella’s age…

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