Monterey Bay Aquarium and swimming

On Tuesday, Ella, grandma, papa and I went to the aquarium in Monterey.  We had a great day and the aquarium was absolutely incredible.  We started off in the seahorse exhibit and Ella was so focused.  She spent a few minutes at each tank just staring.  I also gave her one of my cameras and she was having so much fun taking pictures.  We spent a few hours there and Ella loved every minute of it (so did we).

123.jpg Walking down Cannery Row.

316.jpg Ella watching a little film about seahorses.

514.jpg So focused.

88.jpg Ella took a break from taking pictures to let me take this picture. This is in front of a huge tank that had sharks and stingrays and a lot of other very large fish.

96.jpg Taking a break to take a sweet picture.

104.jpg Grandma and Ella checking out a huge tank of anchovies.

1111.jpgOtters always make people smile and laugh! I love otters…they are my power animal.

124.jpg Ice cream at the end of a great day.

163.jpg Some fudge for me and papa.

Here are some pictures that I took of the sea life.


Here are some pictures that Ella took.

13ella.jpg14ella.jpg153.jpgPretty great huh?

Today we all went to Pier 39 and had lunch at our favorite crab place.  In the afternoon, mommy went to work out and Ella and grandma went swimming.

16pier69.jpg Walking at Pier 39.

Grandma couldn’t believe what a great swimmer Ella has become.  They had a great time in the pool.  I’ll make a movie tomorrow.  Here are some photos.


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  1. merilee says:

    We had such a wonderful time with you all. Love you and miss you already. Mom

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