Rings, dim sum, Princess and the Frog

We’ve all been having a lot of fun spending time with friends and family.  On Christmas Eve, we went to Candace and Courtney’s for a little while and then came home and exchanged presents with Stella and Juliet.  We gave the girls the same dress and Helen, Ron, Julie and Justin gave the girls the same ring.  They were so sweet together.

511.jpg610.jpgElla loves her ring so much.  It’s a little big on her so we need to get it made smaller because she doesn’t want to take it off.

My parents came in late last night and even with all of mommy’s efforts, Ella was too excited to go to sleep.  As soon as Ella saw grandma and papa, she started talking a mile a minute about going to see the Princess and the Frog and the Nutcracker and everything else.  I think she finally fell asleep at 11:45.  This morning, we went to Dim Sum with Becca and Kate and then just the family went to the Princess and the Frog.  Ella loved the movie.  She was so proud of herself that she wasn’t scared at all – not even scared of the “shadow man”.  After the movie, we hung around the house and had some great brisket leftovers.  Tomorrow we go to the Nutcracker.

118.jpg On the way to Dim Sum.

214.jpg Ella was loving the shrimp dumplings.

313.jpg Ella and Becca fooling around as usual.  Notice their festive holiday colors.

411.jpg Mommy and grandma helped Ella on a fun motorcycle ride after the movie.

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  1. merilee says:

    We couldn’t be happier. Love you. Mom

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