Good Dr. appointment, great friends, fun times

When Ella woke up this morning, I broke the news to her that I was going to take her to the doctor.  She didn’t seemed thrilled but I made things all better by going to Happy Donuts and getting her a chocolate donut that she ate in bed.  The visit to the doctor was fine.  Ella’s hives are getting better – less angry looking.  The doc thinks she may be allergic ao amoxicillin.  Good thing to know.  After the doctor, we did a little shoe shopping for Ella – her brain is growing, her heart is growing, her body is growing and her feet are growing.    Tonight, Sunny made a delicious brisket dinner for our friends Tonia, Simon, Lola and our friend Leslie who is in town from Chicago.  We had an amazing dinner and then the Arena/Kim clan came over to celebrate Stella’s 5th birthday.  It was really sweet.  Ella had something going on with Juliet tonight, but that’s what “sisters” do.  KJ and Lola were really cute together.  Enjoy the pics.116.jpg Chocolate donuts – the breakfast of champions.213.jpg Ella and Bug.312.jpg Ella and Towby.410.jpg Our dinner guests Leslie, Simon, Tonia and Lola.510.jpg Ella teaching Lola how to use a tiny spoon.69.jpg77.jpg86.jpg94.jpgHappy Birthday sweet Stella!  Thanks for letting us celebrate with you. Can’t wait for the party on Sunday.102.jpg KJ making the moves on Lola.117.jpg Leslie and Lola.122.jpg Beautiful Ella with her banged up face.  The poor baby is recovering form a face smashing on a table last night and an infection under her nose.  In 3 days, she will be perfect!132.jpg Leslie and her girls.

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  1. merilee says:

    What a trouper Ella is! Beautiful pics. Gotta go pack. Can’t wait to see you. Love you. Mom

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