Winter concert and the ferry building

Today was the winter concert at Ella’s school.  The preschool performance was really cute and you can see it at the end of this entry.  Unfortunately, I put my hand near the mic during the last 30 seconds or so and it’s a little muffled but you will get the overall feeling.  It was great and Ella did a great job in her own sweet way.  After the performance, we had lunch at Amici’s and then we went to the Ferry Building for some tea.  Ella and I are officially on winter break as of this afternoon.  Ella is feeling much better now.  The break should be a lot of fun.

110.jpg Mommy and Ella drawing at Amici’s.

29.jpg Such amazing focus and concentration.

38.jpg Here we are at the Tea House in the Ferry building.

57.jpg Mommy and Ella having tea.

66.jpgI think we were saying, “Coochie taco”.

4ellapic.jpg7ellapic.jpgPhotos taken by Ella.

84.jpg93.jpgLove at the Ferry Building.

Here is the concert..

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  1. merilee says:

    Couldn’t be cuter. Brings back memories of you, Laur, at the Bede School and the winter concerts where just about every child was picking his nose. The tea at the Ferry Building looks wonderful. Love you. Mom

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