The lighting of the Embarcadero buildings and Ming Ming cupcakes

On Friday night, we were going to have Friday night movie night with Stella, Juliet and the rest of the Kim/Arena clan but then we heard about some festivities happening at the Embarcadero buildings.  They were lighting the buildings for the holidays and there was a Disney on Ice thing going on at the outdoor rink.  We all had a lot of fun…it was crowded but the kids were troopers.  We had dinner at Taylors in the ferry building and then we walked all the way home.  The kids were running and climbing and jumping and way too exhausted to watch a movie.  It was a sweet night.  Today, we hung around the house and then Sunny and Ella made “Ming Ming” cupcakes.  I have to show them right now – they are fantastic!

16.jpg17.jpgCan you believe what a great job Sunny did!?  The crazy one with M& M hair was my creation with Ella.  We called it ding ding.

Now for last night’s pictures.

18.jpg Ella’s artwork is evolving daily.  She did all of this by herself.

25.jpg Ella has been into drawing bugs and bees and butterflies.

35.jpg Big jump in the lobby.

43.jpg Big girls walking to the train.

53.jpg62.jpg72.jpgWatching the show.

82.jpg91.jpgThe illuminated buildings.

102.jpg Going over to Taylors.  I got my haircut yesterday and he blew it straight. A little bit of a different look for me.

111.jpg Starting to walk home.

121.jpg Strolling home with the beautiful Bay Bridge in the background.

131.jpg141.jpg151.jpgClimbing, running and jumping.

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  1. Merilee says:

    You look like me with your hair blown straight! Love you. Mom

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