Catching up

What a crazy week.  Not only did Ella turn 4 this week but she had her 4 year dentist appointment and her 4 year doctor appointment.  Her dentist appointment was on Tuesday.  She was very anxious about it and pretty much cried all the way there.  Once we got there, she was ok – a little crying here and there but not having to do with anything that the dentist was doing.  She was on Sunny’s lap the whole time and watched Toy Story on the video.  Her teeth are looking good – she loves to brush her teeth but she hates using toothpaste.  That’s our big next step…we have already tried all the flavors, even chocolate, and she pretty much gags.  We won’t give up.

Ella went to the doctor on Friday.  She was a little nervous before the appointment but not so bad.  When we got to the waiting room, she started to cry a little bit.  Once she was in there, she was totally cool.  Ella now weighs about 33 pounds and is 38″.  She had a vision test, hearing test and had her blood pressure taken…all firsts.  Everything was great.  Ella then had the H1N1 nose spray and 2 other boosters.  They didn’t have any more seasonal flu shots so we are going to have to go back next month.  Ella didn’t like the shots too much but she did much better than I do when I get shots.

On Friday night, one of Ella’s classmates Eli, his brother Harry and their parents came over for Friday night movie night.  We all had a great time.  The boys love music so for a good part of the night, the kids were upstairs singing in the microphone, hitting the drums and playing the piano.  Ella took the camera and took some great pictures of the boys.

14.jpg23.jpg33.jpgMommy made Ella chocolate chip pancakes on the morning of her birthday.  Mommy has skills – check out “Ella” in pancakes!

42.jpg52.jpg61.jpg71.jpgSome of Ella’s great photos of Eli and Harry.

81.jpgHarry took this art shot of Ella.

Here is last week’s ballet school video…we have been very busy this week!

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  1. merilee says:

    I love ballet class. Ella is becoming more and more graceful. Thanks for the blog; I really miss it when you’re too tired, but I understand. Love you. Mom

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