The Oakland Zoo

Today, we met Jesse, Heather, Elaine, Andy and Chloe at the Oakland Zoo. This was sort of a mini-reunion of our time last summer at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It was a wonderful day. The girls were so sweet with each other. Chloe is a very thoughtful, beautiful, sweet and funny kid. Ella and Chloe hit it off right away. It was a great day for us to be with everyone and a special day for Jesse and Heather because they will be moving to LA within the next month so having a day at the zoo with their nieces was perfect. Sunny and I took Ella on the carousel at the end of the day and Ella did the same thing she did yesterday…she was so happy when she was riding (an elephant today) and when the carousel stopped, she cried and cried. We have to work on carousel transitions.

Here we are arriving at the zoo.


Heather, Elaine and Chloe


Chloe and Ella looking at the flamingos.


Ella and Jesse


Ella coming out of the cave


Holding hands


Shaking hands


Sharing the “zoo ride”. Heather was the official driver for Ella today.


Mommy and Ella checking out the giraffes.


No food at this petting zoo…only brushes. The kids were able to brush the goats and sheep.


Andy and Chloe watching two monkeys communicate with each other. They were very loud monkeys.


Waiting for the train that goes around the zoo.


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