Wardrobe change…for a few hours at least

As you can tell from the past few months of pictures, Ella loves wearing dresses…sun dresses, long sleeved dresses, princess dresses and fancy dresses.  She likes to wear tights under the dresses but she’s not into wearing pants or jeans.  She does wear the occasional sweatpants every once in a while but it’s rare.  I got Ella a skirt the other day and she told me that she wanted to wear it under her dress.  She said that shirts and skirts weren’t pretty.  This morning, Stella came over to say hi and she was wearing a skirt and a shirt.  Ella decided that she wanted to wear a skirt and shirt too.  When we went upstairs to find an outfit, she went a little coo coo because she wanted to wear the same shirt that Stella was wearing…a Lucky Kid lucky cat shirt.  She doesn’t have that shirt so it took a while to get an outfit together.  When she finally decided what to wear, she loved her outfit. The 3 of us went to Noe Valley to pick up a round challah for Yom Kippur dinner and we also had lunch at a cute diner on 24th street.  Tonight, Becca and Debby came over for dinner.  It was a sweet dinner and we had a lot of fun.  Ella was a huge help – she kept asking what she could do at the end of the meal so I let her help me wash the dishes.  She did a great job.  I hope that everyone who is fasting today has an easy fast.

1jump.jpg2jump.jpg3jump.jpg4jump.jpgElla jumping in her new outfit.

5biggirl.jpg Look at Ella – growing up right before our eyes.

6huggie.jpg A beautiful hug at lunch.

7berries.jpgRaspberries on the finger.

8stoop.jpg Hanging out on a stoop with mommy and eating a cupcake.  Life is beautiful.

9candles.jpg Having fun before lighting the candles.

10grapejuice.jpg Drinking our grape juice after the blessing over the wine.

11washingdishes.jpg12washingdishes.jpgWashing the dishes.

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  1. merilee says:

    Ella looks so grown up in a skirt and shirt. She’s beautiful, as are you. I love that Ella is helping washing the dishes; she’s a gem. Have an easy fast. Love you. Mom

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