Probably our last game of the season

We went to the game today and had a great time.  The Giants didn’t have as much fun as we did.  They are going down hard.  Looks like we’re not going to get the wildcard.  The greatest part of today for us was that Ella got to give Lou Seal a great big hug.  Ella was so happy after she hugged Lou Seal.

120.jpg Heading over to the game.

214.jpg Happiness is…cotton candy, a cherry snow cone and a ball game.

313.jpg Ella fooling around with her vampire lollipop.  Nothing like a lot of sugar on a fine Saturday afternoon.

414.jpg Ella and Lou.

Here is another song that Ella did the other night…

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  1. merilee says:

    I love that little voice! Let it shine is right. You are letting Ella shine and she is beautiful. That picture of Ella with her snow cone and bag of cotton candy is priceless. And Lou Seal is definitely in love with Ella. Why not? Love you. Mom

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