Ella and Milo and much much more.

We have been having a great time being with our family.   This past week has been really intense.  After Jamie, Michael and Milo were released from the hospital last Thursday (7/16) they had a setback on Saturday.  Milo had a small seizure on Saturday and then a bigger one on Sunday night.  After being rushed to St. Vincents Hospital on Sunday night they were admitted to the pediatric unit on Monday morning.  Milo had a few more seizures there and was transferred to NYU Medical Center PICU.  He underwent every test under the sun and was attached to an EEG.  He did have another seizure on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning and that’s when they started him on seizure meds.  He hasn’t had a seizure since last Wednesday.  All of the test that they did to find a possible cause for the seizures came back negative.  They have yet to find the cause and perhaps they never will, but Milo is responding really well to the meds and hopefully he will grow out of this.  Milo, Jamie and Michael came home on Saturday afternoon and are all doing really well considering,  They have a wonderful baby nurse Francine and they are becoming quite a team.  Here’s to you Milo – our brave little peace maker.  You are truly a gift and we can’t wait to watch you grow up.

Here are some pictures from the last few days.  At the end of this post, I am putting in 3 movies that I posted on Facebook.  They are of Ella and some of her summer adventures.

119.jpg Ella doing arts and crafts at the Leonia pool.

217.jpg Michael, AJ and Milo the night before leaving the hospital.

36.jpg Michael, Milo and the wonderful Francine.

44.jpg56.jpgGrandma, Ella and papa at the River Palm last night.  What a great dinner!

66.jpg Playing around with Uncle Moie.

76.jpg Check out the firefly!  Ella has become amazing at catching fireflies.

86.jpg Milo home from the hospital – day 2.  Here is Ella kissing her beautiful cousin.

95.jpg What a sweet boy.

106.jpg First cousins.  I am looking forward to their adventures together.

1110.jpg126.jpgElla is becoming a great photographer.

Now for the movies…

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  1. Merilee says:

    I can’t believe the four weeks are drawing to an end. It’s wonderful having you here. Love you. Mom

  2. Vicky says:

    This site is wonderful, Lauren. I love being able to catch up on all of the Obstbaum/Schwartz/Leonhart news now and then. Ella is enchanting, as always. Hope to see you in SF in October. Love, Vicky

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