Evenings in NYC, swimming and magic

We have been going into NY every night to have dinner with Jamie, Michael, Milo and Francine.  There have been some really sweet times.  The Leonhart family is adjusting beautifully to being home.  Francine is an amazing woman who is helping AJ and uncle Michael get used to life with Milo and all of the new things that new parents need to learn.  We have also been going swimming in the early afternoon and last night, Ella started doing some magic.  There will be a video later.  Sunny  has been doing some great magic tricks over the past few months and Ella is catching on and trying to be just like mommy the magician.  It’s really sweet.

1jessemilo.jpg Uncle Jesse and Milo from Friday night.

2francinemilo.jpg Francine and Milo…they arein this position a lot.

3ajella.jpg Ella and AJ doing some more bonding.

4ellamommy.jpg Ella and mommy getting ready to go to the pool.

5ellabackpack.jpg Our big girl Ella and her red backpack.

6ellajesse.jpg Ella and uncle Jesse right before he left to go back to LA…they had a great time together on this trip.

7cinderellanorm.jpg I bought Ella a Cinderella dress that ended up being cheap and scratchy, but she enjoyed the accessories that it came with.

8snocone.jpg Cinderella eating a sno-cone.

9grandmamilo.jpg10grandmamilo.jpgGrandma loving Milo.

11talkingtojuliet.jpg Ella on the phone with Juliet.  Ella was so cute on the phone…she was pacing and talking really loud and having an actual conversation with the Kim/Arenas in SF.  They are expecting their baby boy any day now.  We love you guys!

12mamaellapic.jpg Ella took this picture of me doing “magic”.

12ellamagic.jpg Ella doing magic.

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  1. merilee says:

    I am loving every minute of this month. It’s wonderful having you guys here. Love you. Mom

  2. Priscilla says:

    Sun and Ella look so much alike in the photo of their heads next to each other!

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