The pool, coming home from the hospital, taking Milo home

Today was a big day!  AJ and uncle Michael brought Milo home from the hospital.  I was their driver and we left the hospital just when president Obama was arriving at the midtown Hilton.  We were in about 45 minutes of stand still traffic and guess what…Milo was PERFECT.  What a beautiful thing.  Earlier in the day, mommy, grandma, Ella and I went to the Leonia pool.  This was the first time that Sunny has seen Ella in the pool this season and she just loved seeing Ella interact with the other kids, and run around the pool, and have a beautiful confidence.  In the evening, we all went over to AJ and uncle Michael’s after dinner and spent some beautiful time with the family.  What an amazing time in all of our lives.

thu1ellamommy.jpg Mommy and Ella carrying Stella to the pool.

thu2.jpgthu3.jpgthu4.jpgElla having a blast in the kiddie pool.

thu6milo.jpg Milo getting ready to leave the hospital. The sweater that Milo has on is the same sweater that Uncle Jesse, me, AJ and Ella wore home from the hospital.

thu7ajmilo.jpg AJ and Milo in their street clothes.  What an exciting moment…almost ready to leave the hospital.

thu8milo.jpg Beautiful Milo in the world.  Let the sunshine in…

thu9gpmilo.jpgthu10gpmilo.jpgGrandma and papa fall in love.

thu12gpem.jpg Grandma, papa and their two beautiful grandchildren.

thu11ella.jpg Ella playing the mini organ for us.

thu13mommymilo.jpgthu14mommymilo.jpgMommy and Milo – getting to know her new nephew.  I feel like Sunny is getting some funny ideas…OY VEY.

thu15michaelmilo.jpg AJ’s two boys sleeping.

thu16hulahoop.jpg Ella and grandma sharing a hula hoop.

Here are some photos that Ella took with my camera.  She is getting really good.


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  1. merilee says:

    I can’t believe the wonderful, precious moments we have been living. The whole family together! What a joy! Great pictures. Love you Mom

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