Ella’s sentences

Ella is getting better and better at communicating. She’s at a place now where she is stringing words together and making sentences that make sense. Last night she looked at me and said, “Go to bed mama”. She wanted to go to sleep! It was incredible. Tonight, we were having dinner and we were just about winding down. Ella looked at us and said, “Are we done?” We just stared at her in wonder and delight. After dinner, Sunny said, “OK Ella – I’m going to bring you up to go to bed”. Ella looked at her and said, “OK – brush your teeth”.

These are probably things that only parents are proud of, but I thought I would share them. Sunny and I are just so moved by this little one.

Here are some pictures from her day today.

Here is Ella at My Gym crawing through a little tube.


The three amigas


Resting after playing hard with Stella and Juliet


Mommy and Ella reading “Don’t Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late” – a gift from Helen


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