Welcome to the world Milo Quincy!

I am officially an aunt. Jamie gave birth/life to Milo on July 13, 2009 at around 12:30.  He is a big boy…9 lbs. 3 oz. 21 inches – pretty incredible to think that he was that big inside of little Jamie.  Jamie, Michael and Milo are all doing really well.  I’m sure they are totally exhausted because I am wiped out and didn’t have a baby yesterday.  Ella loved meeting Milo and is going to be an amazing big cousin.  She kissed him on the head and is dying to hold him.  Grandma and papa were once again beaming with love and joy and uncle Jesse and aunt Heather were loving and beautiful.  I can’t wait for Sunny to get here and meet her nephew.  It will be love at first sight.  I love you Sunny -can’t wait to see you.  Here are some pictures from today.

117.jpgMichael and I right before he went into the operating room.

216.jpg35.jpgJamie, Michael, meet beautiful Milo.

43.jpgOne of the first shots of father and son.

55.jpg Beautiful Milo and beautiful AJ in the background.

65.jpg Ella giving uncle Michael a mazel tov kiss on the head.

75.jpg85.jpgHere I am holding little Milo for the first time.

94.jpg Perfect baby.

105.jpg118.jpg125.jpgElla meeting Milo for the first time.

135.jpg Ella entertaining Priscilla, Jordin and papa in the hallway outside of AJ’s room.

145.jpg Priscilla, Ella and Jordin having a lot of fun together.

155.jpg Dinner time!

165.jpg Ella trying to rub Vaughan’s head.

175.jpg It’s so great to have Jesse and Heather with us.

I will get more pictures tomorrow – hopefully Milo will be able to tolerate getting passed from person to person!

2 Responses to “Welcome to the world Milo Quincy!”

  1. mommy/Sunny says:

    my beautiful Lauren and Ella and Papa and Grandma and Jesse and Heather and Jamie and Michael and MILO!!!! MAZEL TOV!!! These photos are beautiful!! It captures so much and I am breathless and so happy and excited for this gorgeous boy born into so much love and goodness!

    Laur-This is what I posted on Facebook right after I got your text photo of announcing Milo’s arrival– that I feel to copy it here as well:

    The Talmud says for each birth, a wave is felt throughout the universe–Did you feel it? I sure did! Welcome to our universe beautiful Milo Quincy! You are born on the 13th which holds great significance according to Kabbalah The Hebrew words for “love” (ahava), “care” (de’aga), and “one” (echad) all have the numerical value of 13.

    Ella you are a beautiful big girl–I am so proud of your love and care for your baby cousin!
    I love you all–See you Wednesday–

  2. merilee says:

    Ella, your cousin Milo is so surrounded by love, yours for him shining the brightest since he is the son of your heroes AJ and Uncle Michael. Papa and I are so happy to have you both as our grandchildren. Love you Laur. Mom

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