Papa’s club, planting marigolds, dinner in NYC

Ella had a very busy day and night on Saturday.  We started the day at papa’s club which has a much quieter kiddie pool and big pool.  Ella had fun in both pools.  She also got grandma to get totally wet in the big pool!  After the pool, Ella took a nap and when she woke up, she planted marigolds with grandma.  Ella and I bought them at a plant store earlier in the day.  After the marigold planting, we all took showers and Ella took a bath and we went into to NY to meet AJ, Uncle Michael, Papa and Uncle Jesse who just arrived from LA.  It was a really sweet night, a great dinner and we finished the evening at AJ and Uncle Michael’s apartment to spend a little time with Normyn who wore an outfit that Ella picked out for her last year for Halloween.  Aunt Heather is arriving tonight and Mommy is coming on Wednesday.  HURRY UP AND GET HERE MOMMY!  WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH.

115.jpg214.jpg34.jpg54.jpg84.jpgHolding court and playing around in the big pool.  Ella was really brave and had so much fun in the bid pool.  I told her that I thiunk its time for her to take swimming lessons and she said, “Swimming lessons stink”.  We’ll have to revisit this.

42.jpgPapa getting Ella warm and cozy after a swim.

64.jpg74.jpgLounging around in the kiddie pool.

93.jpg104.jpg116.jpg124.jpg134.jpg144.jpgMarigold planting in front of the house.  Ella and grandma both have on gardening gloves.

154.jpg164.jpg174.jpg182.jpg194.jpgFun at dinner time.  Uncle Michael borrowed Ella’s headband for his “special” look.

203.jpgElla and AJ walking home after dinner.

215.jpg Papa and Uncle Jesse sharing a tender moment.

223.jpg What a beautiful group of people.

232.jpg241.jpgLoving Normyn in her special fairy outfit.

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  1. merilee says:

    Wonderful day and night. So wonderful having you all here. Love you. Mom

  2. mommy/Sunny says:

    I love the planting pictures-love the swimming pics–love the Jesse and Papa moment–hey love all of these and will love being there more!

    I love you!

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