The pool, the terrace, Fri. night movie night

Today was another great day.  Get here already mommy!  AJ and Michael slept over and we went to the pool in the early afternoon.  Ella brought her walrus Stella and actually shared it with some kids.  She even found one kid who was as crazy as she was and they spent a lot of time cleaning Stella.  After the pool, AJ and Michael went back to NY and Adrienne came over with her grandson Zach.  Zach is 15 mos. and Ella really took a liking to him.  She was sweet, played with his hair, kissed his head and shared all her toys.  After dinner tonight, grandma and Ella made brownies and popcorn and we all watched WALL-E for movie night.  Ella fell asleep before the movie was over so hopefully she will sleep through the night.

Uncle Jesse comes in tomorrow, Aunt Heather arrives on Sunday and Mommy comes in on Wednesday.  Now that we will have the whole beautiful family altogether, we just need one more person…Milo – Jamie and Michael’s wonder baby.

113.jpg213.jpg33.jpg53.jpgElla and her pool buddy Sophia, cleaning Stella the walrus.

63.jpg73.jpg83.jpgEnjoying a cupcake outside.

92.jpg103.jpg114.jpgZach and Ella parallel playing.  Ella really liked Zach.

123.jpg133.jpg143.jpgOur very happy little girl.

153.jpg163.jpg173.jpgFun and love with grandma and papa on the terrace.

193.jpg202.jpg222.jpgBaking no-pudge brownies with grandma.  They tasted really good.

OK mommy – time for you to hop on a plane.  We love you.  We miss you,  It’s a lot of fun here.

2 Responses to “The pool, the terrace, Fri. night movie night”

  1. mommy/Sunny says:

    Oh my god–can these pictures be any sweeter and amazing-Ella such a beautiful face and soul!-I really was cracking up out loud with the pics of Stella the Walrus- Ella looks like such a cool cruiser with her shades–and grandma and papa and ella shots are so fun and adorable and talk about continued zotz seeing Ella with the horn!
    And dear Milo Q –we can’t wait to sing happy birthday to you – So come on now–you can come out– there is so much love that awaits you!
    Love you guys and breathing with you all the way!

  2. merilee says:

    Love the pictures. Loved the brownies and the movie Wall-e. Mostly love sharing it with Ella. Can’t wait for the rest of the family to join us. Love you. Mom

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