Shorts, floaties, fireflies, fun times…

I am going to make this narrative short since there are many pictures to post and only a short amount of time before I fall asleep.  Just want to say that we love you and miss you mommy.  We can’t wait to see you on Wednesday. 110.jpg210.jpg32.jpgHere are a few pictures of Ella helping grandma get ready in the morning and grandma putting a little lipstick on Ella.

41.jpg Ella actually left the house on Wednesday wearing a t-shirt and shorts.  She looked really cute.

52.jpg62.jpg72.jpgSo the turtle was really cool looking, but it was too big for Ella and became extremely frustrating for her so I gave it to a nice mom at the pool.  The last picture is actually of Ella having fun with some of the friendlier kids at the kiddie pool.

82.jpg91.jpgMore firefly hunting with grandma and papa.

102.jpg112.jpg122.jpgToday (Thursday) I took Ella to a concert in Riverside Park on Pier 1. It was a performance of children’s music and the performer was an old friend of mine from graduate school.  Jeffrey now has a band called “The Bossy Frog” and he is pretty popular in the tri-state area.  Ella had a lot of fun dancing to the music.

132.jpg142.jpgJeffrey gave Ella a hat, a shirt and 2 cd’s.  Here is Ella in her bossy frog hat.  I think the hat is kind of fitting for Ella sometimes!

152.jpg After the show we drove downtown and met up with AJ.  Here is Ella having some ice cream and hanging with AJ.

162.jpg Ella relaxing and playing concentration.

172.jpg Michael and Ella fell asleep on the way to NJ.

192.jpg181.jpgElla after eating one of uncle Michael’s steamers.

30.jpg212.jpgElla with her first glass of wine…JUST KIDDING MOMMY!!!!!!!  Grandma shared her chamomile tea with Ella in empty wine glass on the table.

221.jpg More firefly hunting.

231.jpg Here is Ella’s new floatie…she loves her walrus that she named Stella.  We’ll see how it goes in the pool tomorrow.

papa1.jpgpapa2.jpgAfter dinner, Ella was so hyper and excited and she took out all of this costume jewelry and told us that we were going to a party and we all cooperated but I needed to show just how much papa participated.  Notice the necklace, ring and bracelet.  Papa will do anything for Ella!

2 Responses to “Shorts, floaties, fireflies, fun times…”

  1. merilee says:

    I can’t tell you how wonderful it is having you guys here. Can’t wait for Mommy and Uncle Jesse and Aunt Heather and especially Milo to join us. Love you. Mom

  2. mommy/Sunny says:

    These are spectacular pictures–you keep topping yourselve Laur–the first one in Grandma’s bathroom–love the lighting and focus–ella’s stance I can eat up–hand on her hip and legs crossed–OY! Those shorts and peace t–is to die/live for!–Holy cow about the turtle–it was the size of a buick! did you get a hernia blowing it up?
    Great action shot of the fireflies–Ella told me she caught one–yes? What a big girl–hanging on the fence with her Bossy Frog hat–great urban ella shot-
    Papa real men wear anything their grandkids ask–at least inside the house!
    You all look gorgeous and Milo is right around the corner—what a thrilling time–
    can’t wait to join in on it all!
    I love you

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