Playing in our “back yard”

Ella is growing so quickly physically, emotionally and mentally. She loves to have us read Dora books to her and she’s learning a little bit of Spanish. She knows how to say bird, chicken, duck, snake, frog, owl, mouse, look, open, let’s go…I’m sure a few more that I’m forgetting. Ella woke up this morning after 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep. That means that our sleep was uninterrupted too (of course we didn’t clock in at 11 hours). Also, when Ella woke up, her hair was kind of down. So far, her hair has been growing up – maybe it’s finally getting long enough to fall down.

This morning, we met Helen, Ron, Stella and Juliet in our back yard – the ballpark. It’s open to the public every weekend during the off season. They have these huge Coca Cola slides (Ella and Juliet are too young to go on them) and a mini ballpark. There is also plenty of space to run around. After the ballpark, we met Debby and Rachel in Bernal Heights and went to the street fair. Ella and Sunny went into a petting zoo. Ella played with some chickens, ducks, rabbits a sheep and a pig. The pictures weren’t so great so you can just use your imagination. Here are some great shots from the day…

Ella in the morning. Notice the relatively flat hair.

Ella and Juliet greeting each other at the ball park

It’s their favorite activity…

Ring around the rosie

Look at the three individuals…all hanging out and doing their own thing

Ella having a tender moment with Juliet

Here we are – check out the Bay Bridge in the background

Ella enjoying her ice cream at the street fair

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