A quick weekend with papa

Papa came in on Friday night for the weekend.  He had a meeting and dinner on Saturday and we were lucky enough to have him stay with us.  On Friday, papa and I picked Ella up from her last day of camp.  I didn’t tell Ella that papa was coming with me to get her and when she saw us, she kind of ignored us and kept doing the dancing activity with a big smile on her face (which was face painted).  A few minutes later, Ella was in papa’s arms.  Sunny, papa, Ella and I had dinner at Nama and then we watched Cinderella for movie night.  This morning, we hung around the house, papa went to his meeting, I went to an appointment and Sunny and Ella went out for lunch in this beautiful weather we are having.  This afternoon, papa and Ella did Shrinky Dinks and then Debby, Toby and Rachel came over for a visit.  Tonight we had dinner with Becca and Melissa while my dad had his business dinner.  At night, we played around, sang songs, and papa read a lot of books to Ella.  Ella fell asleep on papa tonight as he read to her.  It was beautiful.  WE hope she sleeps through the night because last night was brutal.

13.jpg Ella and papa outside of the school.

23.jpg The kitty cat with clown make-up.

33.jpg Big hug for papa.

43.jpg Walking down the street.

53.jpg62.jpgHaving fun at Nama.

71.jpg81.jpgOur litte champion in her adorable robe.

9.jpg Papa and Ella doing Shrinky Dinks.

10.jpg111.jpgMommy and Ella meeing me at Paragon.

121.jpg The night is winding down.

131.jpg Goodnight.

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  1. merilee says:

    Looks like it was a beautiful visit. Can’t wait to see you. Love you. Mom

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