Photos from the weekend and a very cute video

It just seems like the days roll by…some big news for Ella – she has officially slept for 4 nights without her pacifier.  This bedtime pacifier was the last thing that Ella really had to give up.  It’s been rough.  Ella has been falling asleep much later and spending more time in our bed than I like, but it’s a transition and this too shall pass.  After she sleeps for 7 nights without her pacifier (we figure she’ll be over it by then) she will get a gumball machine.  The machine is already in the house and Ella can look at it every day, but we are waiting for that goal day and then she can put a magic penny in the machine and a surprise color gumball will come out!  This weekend we went to the SFMOMA on Saturday and then to Stern Grove on Sunday with Debby, Toby and some of their friends for a picnic and a live Roberta Flack concert.  The day was beautiful.  The 3 of us took public transportation to the concert and Ella was a fantastic trooper.  The video at the end is of Ella “reading” Green Eggs and Ham to herself.  She can’t read at all, but she’s a fantastic actress.

1sphere.jpg2sphere.jpg3sphere.jpgElla dancing around in this strange sculpture that they had on one of the terraces.  Look carefully in photo #2 and you can see mommy watching from the other side.

4colorburst.jpg I look at this and think of happiness.

5bridge.jpg6bridge.jpgElla walking on the bridge.  She is fearless. At one point she squatted down to see the people 5 floors below.

7butterflies.jpg8spiders.jpgButterflies and spiders.

9exploring.jpg Exploring…

10chillin.jpg Relaxing…

11statue.jpg The other day Ella told me that I was short and she was tall like mommy.  She is already more than half my height!

13makingawish.jpg Making a wish in front of the Jewish museum.

14picnic.jpg15cookie.jpgChillin’ with mommy and eating a co0kie at the Roberta Flack concert.

16tradedheadbands.jpg Ella let me wear her headband for a while.

17hangingout.jpg Hanging out with Debby.

16elladeb.jpg18ellatoby.jpgBeautiful shots of Ella with Debby and Toby.

18robertaflack.jpg19robertaflack.jpgRoberta Flack singing “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”

Now for the video…

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  1. merilee says:

    Ella couldn’t be cuter. I love the way she ‘read’ the book; it won’t be long before she puts it together. And those pictures of Ella at the museum and the concert — she looks like such a big girl. Not just tall like Sunny! Love you. Mom

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