Catching up from last week

Here are a bunch of photos from last weekend.  We had a great trip back east – celebrated waiting for Milo to come into the world and also celebrated Sunny’s birthday.  We are back in SF now – had a dinner with the Kim/Arenas last night…Ella was dying to see her buddies!  They were beautifully reunited.  Ella started CDS camp this week.  She seems to be having a great time.

1ella.jpg Sweet Ella holding her new lip gloss.

2lej.jpg Me, Ella and Jordin hanging out at Sweetie Pie in NYC.

3ceiling.jpg Ella thought it was cool to see herself in the ceiling mirror.

4ellaaj.jpg AJ and Ella – look at those faces!

5mommyella.jpg Mommy and Ella seriously focused.

6lj.jpg7lj.jpgSisters!  I have a picture somewhere of the two of us when I was pregnant.

8helping.jpg Ella helping AJ with some baby gifts.

9lipglosskk.jpg Putting lip gloss on KK.

10bdaymommy.jpg11bdaymommy.jpgElla jumped into mommy’s arms and got so excited when we sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

12donutmommybirthday.jpg Celebrating mommy’s birthday with Dunkin Donuts.

13ajnorm.jpg “Cat nap” with a beautiful doggie.

14kiss.jpg15kiss.jpgKisses with grandma.

15gpe.jpg Papa, Ella and grandma right before we left for the airport.

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  1. merilee says:

    Beautiful pictures, and what a beautiful week we had with you. Miss you and love you. Mom

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