Fun Saturday

Today I took Ella to El Cerrito  to go to Chloe’s birthday party.  It was a really sweet party at a park and there were family and friends there.  Ella didn’t now any of the other kids and was pretty shy, but she did a great job.  She’s growing up.  After the party, we came home and then we had dinner at Nama with Ellen.  Ella told me that she loves the weekends because we play with her all day long.

1blowingbubbles.jpg1morebubbles.jpg1chasingbubbles.jpgBubbles were the source of lots of happiness and fun.

1serious.jpg The serious side of Ella.

1withchloe.jpg 1chloeoskar.jpgElla with Chloe (and Oskar in the background).

1smile.jpg About to go to dinner.

1concentrating.jpg Concentrating on eating edamame.

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  1. merilee says:

    Nice that Ella and Chloe and Oskar know each other; looks like a fun party. Can Ella take the edamame peas out of their pods? Can’t wait till next Saturday. Love you. Mom

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