So happy its the weekend

The weekend is finally here!  Hopefully we’ll be able to sleep in.  Ella had a great week.  Today after school, Sunny and Ella and 2 of her classmates and their moms went to see “Up”…a new Disney Pixar movie.  Sunny said that Ella was so excited to be at the movies with her friends that she was squealing.  Both Sunny and Ella reported that the kids had a great time.  Ella told me that she wants to get “Up” on DVD.  Ella is also really into Cinderella.  She loves the old movie with Leslie Ann Warren.  Sunny introduced this version of Cinderella to Ella because it’s the version that Sunny grew up on.  Sunny used to listen to Cinderella for hours and hours with her big sister Cindy.  Tonight, Ella gave a shout out Aunt Cindy and sang “A Lovely Night”.  The really sweet song is at the end of this entry.

Here are some pictures of Ella from the past few days.

ellabrickellewalking.jpg Ella and Brickelle leaving school.

ellacrossing.jpg Crossing the street holding hands.

ellahanging.jpg Hanging on the railing.  Ella likes doing tricks here.

ellacoocoo.jpg Crazy Ella.

ellaconcentration.jpg Ella concentrating really hard.

ellasand.jpgPlaying with here mini sand box.

ellaeyeball.jpg Playing catch with a squishy eye ball.

2 Responses to “So happy its the weekend”

  1. merilee says:

    Adorable singing accompanied by creative rearrangement of nightgown. I love the picture of Ella concentrating. Love you. See you in a week. Mom

  2. Aunt Cindy says:

    Thank you, precious Ella, for singing the Lovely Night song for me. I loved it and hope to sing it With You, Soon.

    Love you & your Mommies,
    Aunt Cindy

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