Ladybugs, friends and baseball

We had a great day today.  In the early afternoon, we went to the park behind the ballpark with our T-ball thing.  Ella was more interested in catching ladybugs than playing ball so Ella went ladybug hunting and Sunny and I played ball.

1ladybug.jpg2ladybug.jpg3ladybug.jpgElla loves ladybugs.

After our ladybug hunt, we had lunch at Maria’s and then we met the Kim/Arenas across the street at a pool in Helen’s brother’s apartment complex.  We swam for about an hour and had a lot of fun.  After swimming, we went over to the game to get our Tim Lincecum bobblehead.  Once we collected our bobbleheads we dropped them off at home, gave Ella a bath and headed over to the game.  The Giants finally beat the Mets tonight.  It was a great game.

4juliet.jpg Juliet after swimming.

5ella.jpg Ella after swimming.

6amy.jpg Presenting Amy with a thank you card from the Leaping Lizards.

7gameoutfit.jpg Ella’s game outfit…lip gloss and all.

8charliebrown.jpg Another picture of Ella and Charlie Brown.

9pablo.jpg Ella and our neighbor Pablo Sandoval.

10ellapic.jpg Ella took this unflattering picture of me.

11mamaella.jpg12mommyella.jpg13fourofus.jpgSome sweet fun and happiness shots.

14ellaleoluke.jpg Ella, her classmate Leo and Leo’s brother Luke.

15ellaleo.jpg Ella and Leo.  Ella had a great time with Leo.  She was so excited when they came down to sit with us.

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  1. merilee says:

    I’ve been secretly hoping for the Giants to win. Looks like you had a great day; ladybugs, swimming, baseball and sundresses! What could be better. I love the last picture of Ella with Luke; looks like they’re good friends. Love you. Mom

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