Hanging out with grandma and papa

Today – Sunny and I took a ride up to New City to visit Sunny’s dad. We had great surprise up there when we were able to see Sunny’s brother Jerry and two of Sunny’s nieces, Elisheva and Aliza. We all caught up on each other’s lives and look forward to having Ella meet her cousins. Ella stayed home with grandma and papa – she’s still on SF time and slept super late. Last night, we had a great visit with AJ, Michael and Normyn. AJ and Michael brought a bunch of presents back from Japan for Ella so she had a great time opening them. Her favorite was an Elmo umbrella. It will soon be rainy season in SF so Ella will be able to run around town with her little Elmo umbrella. Today, Ella collected acorns with grandma on the terrace, went to the park with grandma and papa and played all around the house. We are leaving early in the morning and will be back in SF tomorrow. We had a great visit back east.elmoumbrella.jpg
Ella with her Elmo umbrella

Brushing teeth with AJ and Ella’s new duckie toothbrush

Looks like grandma and mommy are enjoying the blocks more than Ella

Ella and AJ sharing some love

Finding acorns – just like in Totoro

Look at the acorns I found!

Walking home from the park with papa

Reading with grandma

Even grandma and papa like Yo Gabba Gabba

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  1. merilee says:

    We love you and miss you already. It was a great visit! Talk to you later. Love, Mom

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