We’re in NY

Sunny Ella and I arrived in NY last night. Ella was so happy to see grandma and papa (so were we). We had a great flight – we flew Virgin America for the first time. It was a lot of fun. We pretty much relaxed today – we all went to the park with Ella, and we rested up because tonight, AJ (Jamie) had her album release party at Joe’s Pub. I have to say – this isn’t a big sister talking either – but Jamie was INCREDIBLE. She sang to a sold out crowd – I think the venue holds like 160 people or something and she was up there like she had control of the universe. Ella was mesmerized. She watched AJ so closely – she sang along to the songs that she knew. The show didn’t start until 9:30 and she stayed up for the entire thing and only had to leave one time. We all loved being at the show. We didn’t take any pictures of AJ because we didn’t want to distract her, but there are a couple of pictures from the night. It was also great seeing so many people who we love all in one place. Ella really misses Stella and Juliet and was screaming tonight (Well really at 1:00 am) that she needed to watch Stella and Juliet on the computer. We showed her a few videos and now she is sound asleep.

Ella after her evening bath about to get ready to go to AJ’s show brushingteeth.jpg
Brushing teeth with Papa…one of Ella’s favorite pastimes

Ella right before we left to go to the show

Here we are mesmerized by AJ’s music

Ella eating a lollipop that Irv Singer gave her. It really kept her busy for quite a while. Thans Irv.

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