Lemos Farm and Soundcheck

Today, we left the house early to go to Half Moon Bay to a pumpkin patch. This was the first time Ella has been to a farm/pumpkin patch and she loved it. We met Stella, Juliet, Helen and Ron there and the 3 amigas tore the place up. Besides running around and touching pumpkins, there were 3 main events for Ella. First, we went into a feeding/petting zoo. The goats were crazy and seemed like they were starving because they just rushed everyone who walked in. One goat bit Sunny on the finger. The feeding frenzy did not seem to bother Ella at all. She also fell for a baby goat who was really cute. After the feeding frenzy, we all waited on a very long line with very uncooperative parents to go on a train that went through a mini haunted village. Ella especially loved going through the tunnels. The last thing that we all did at the farm was a pony ride. Because it’s so crowded during this time of year, they have this thing rigged up so that the ponies walk around in a circle – about 8 ponies at a time. This means that the children have to go on the ponies alone. We were hesitant and didn’t even know if they would let Ella go because she’s so small, but they did and she had a great time on the pony. Stella and Juliet went at the same time Ella did and it was so cool to see the three amigas all riding together.

Ella trying to feel the energy from the pumpkin

Ella and Sunny in the middle of a feeding frenzy

Getting to know the baby goat

This picture was taken when Stella and Juliet arrived. Look at that big huggie!

It was a little difficult to get them all to pose for this one

Going on a train ride

Ella making the horsie noise

Ella and Juliet going around the ring

Ride ’em cowgirls

The three amigas

Look at our little pony rider

Sharing a kiss with mommy

After the farm, we went home, the kids took naps and we reconvened at a club called Slims. There was a fundraiser called Soundcheck for the Women’s Re-entry Center and it was an evening of live music. The place was pretty loud, so we took the girls up to the second level. Nobody else was up there, so it was like they had their own club. They loved the live music and danced the night away. Great job to everyone who had anything to do with the fundraiser. It was a great event.

Ring around the Rosie a pocket full of posies…ashes ashes…

they all fall down!

Girls night out

Here we are at the end of a beautiful night

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