Discovery museum and a playdate with Kaliko

Ella the day off on Friday and so did I.  We went to the Bay Area Discovery Museum together and had a great time.  Today, we had a playdate with one of the kids from Ella’s class.  Sunny picked him up and we had the kids play at the park, eat lunch at the Java House and then do some playing out our house.  Ella had a lot of fun with Kaliko.  Here are a lot of pictures from the past few days.

ladybug.jpgladybughand.jpgWe have been finding a lot of ladybugs in our Zen garden lately.  Ella loves having them crawl around on her hand.

beebench.jpg Ella at the Discovery museum. She loves the bee costume that they have there.

lizard.jpg Leaping lizard!


steeringship.jpg Ella walking onto a ship and then taking the wheel.  She said that she was taking the boat to “Tahoe”.  I’m not sure where she picked that one up.

ggbridge.jpg Ella humoring me and posing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

cave.jpg What a big girl!

constructionsite.jpghardhat.jpgMaybe a job in construction is in her future.  She looks really cute in the hard hat.

bluebath.jpgloveswater.jpgElla loves playing in the water.

schleppingcart.jpg Schlepping the shopping cart down the hallway on the way to dinner.

drum1.jpgdrum2.jpgElla rockin’ out on her drums.  She has great rhythm.

ellakaliko.jpg Ella and her buddy Kaliko on top of the world.

walkingonwall.jpg Beautiful barefoot Ella is walking the wall.

waitingforbubbles.jpg Ella and Kaliko are waiting for me to blow bubbles.  They were running around, pushing eachother, chasing – it was great to see Ella being able to hold her own.

princesshooker.jpg A combination of a princess and a lady of the night.

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  1. merilee says:

    Beautiful pictures. Ella does look like such a big girl. We looked at the pictures from Florida, and they made our day. Love you. Mom

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