The Ferry Building

It has been raining a lot here – we need the rain so it’s fine, but we thought that Ella was getting stir crazy.  We have been keeping her in these past few days to help her recover from a really bad cold.  Today, the sun came out for a little while so we went over to the Ferry Building to have some lunch.  Ella was wearing a Hello Kitty leotard/tutu around the house today and didn’t want to take it off to leave the house.  It was really cold out so she agreed to wear a sweater, jacket and some warm pants but kept her tutu on.  When we got to lunch, she wanted to take her sweater and jacket off and ate lunch in her leotard/tutu combo.  She is a very headstrong child.  She compromised by keeping her hat on.

happychild.jpg Ella with her warm outfit on running for the elevator.

waitingfortrain.jpg Waiting for the train.

ferrybuilding.jpg Crazy girl at the Ferry Building.  Nice outfit!

eyes.jpg Beautiful eyes.

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  1. merilee says:

    Headstrong? Yes. Adorable? Definitely. Wonderful Momma and Mommy who let Ella express herself? Absolutely! Love you. Mom

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