Laying low on Saturday

It seems like Ella has had a cold since mid August, so we decided to just lay low with her today. Ella spoke to grandma on the phone this morning and we didn’t put grandma on the speaker phone like we usually do. Instead, I held the phone to Ella’s ear and let them have a private conversation. Ella was listening so intently and answering grandma’s question. On our end, the conversation sounded like this…”Yes, ok, ok, yes, yes, red, ok, ok, New Jersey Park, ok, ok, I can’t wait to see you”. We can’t believe what a big girl Ella is becoming! We played around the house in the morning and were contemplating taking her to this toddler thing called “Raze, Rise and Recycle” AKA “Toddler Burning Man” by Ellen’s house, but she fell asleep in her stroller the second we put her in. She took a really good nap and Sunny and I enjoyed a beautiful walk on a beautiful day. This evening, Debby, Toby and Rachel came over to spend some time with us (well really with Ella). It was a sweet night. We had dinner and then Ella played with the girls. Debby got to read the Pigeon books to Ella and she loved it. Ella really loved playing with Rachel and at one point demanded, “Rachel play with toys with Ella”. Here are some pictures of the night.

Ella and Rachel playing in the tunnel.

Ella having a serious conversation with Toby

Playing around with Debby

A kiss for Rachel

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