Hitting the museums

We have been enjoying a little time off…(Ella and I have time off – mommy is still working).  Grandma and papa went to LA on Monday so I decided to take Ella to the Japanese tea gardens in Golden Gate Park.  It was so incredibly crowded there because of the new Academy of Science that we didn’t even drive into the park.  Instead, we went to the SFMOMA where we enjoyed walking around and checking out some of the beautiful art.  Ella loved the huge paintings that had a lot of red in them.  Today, we tried to go to the Academy early with grandma and papa and it was still so crowded.  The member line was all the way down the block.  We decided to ditch the Academy and go to the De Young museum.  We also took the train there so that we wouldn’t have to deal with the traffic.  Ella love the train – she loves sitting by herself.  The adults have also been having a blast playing with the Wii that Sunny got me for Chanukah.

eleveatorgrandma.jpg Having fun with grandma.

hallway4.jpg Getting ready to go to the museum.

museum1.jpgmuseum2.jpgAt the SFMOMA.

onthetrain.jpg On the way to Golden Gate park.

hat.jpg Beautiful Ella with her new hat and gloves.

longline.jpg A very long line.  Time to do plan B.

trainhome.jpg On the train coming home.

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