Where have the days gone?

I have fallen behind here.  Let’s see…happy chanukah and merry christmas to everyone.  Grandma and papa arrived on Wednesday night.  We have been having a blast.  Sunny and I did our first 2 days of “family farmers” at Children’s Day School.  On Christmas and today, we have taken care of the sheep and chickens at Ella’s school.  Christmas morning was challenging.  There was a rain storm and there was actually thunder and lightening which is so rare in SF.  It was our first morning taking care of the animals and it was a little crazy.  We felt like pros by the time we went back in the afternoon to feed them and put them back in their little houses.  Today was totally smooth in the morning and afternoon until the very end when the sheep left their barn because they got spooked and we couldn’t get them to go back in.  They started running around really fast and they were crazy.  We were afraid because it was starting to get dark, but we finally got them back in.  Oy vey.  I am getting a movie together of our “family farmer” experience.  We do it again on New Year’s Day and the day after.  Hopefully things will be easier.  We really had a fun time even though it was different than anything that we had ever done together.  Here are some photos documenting the last 4 days. On Tuesday night we opened presents with Helen and Ron and the girls for Chanukah and then we hung out on Christmas Eve.  It was great to spend time together and hang out.  The girls are all amazing.

onthebus.jpg On Tuesday, Ella and I went to the Jewish Museum downtown.  We took the bus and Ella wanted to sit in her own seat.

eatinglunch.jpg The big girl eating lunch at the cafe in the museum.

makingawish.jpg Ella had a lot of fun throwing money into the fountain and making wishes.

crowdedtrain.jpg Ella ona very crowded train on the way home.  Once again, she insisted on sitting by herself.

anotherprincessdress.jpg Ella wearing another princess dress from Becca.  Ella told us that her name was princess Phillip and that she had to go to her wedding.

dimsum.jpg We had dim sum on Christmas day.

beforedesperaux.jpg Here we are on our way to Despereaux.

des1.jpgdes2.jpgHere is Ella posing with the Despereaux cut out at the movie theater.  Ella sat through the whole movie and she said that she really liked it.

familyfarmers.jpg Here we are- the family farmers.

tendermoment.jpgtendermoment2.jpgElla and papa having some tender moments.

octopus.jpg Having fun with grandma on the way to the ferry building.

mamawall.jpg Me and Ella taking a stroll down the Embarcadero.

3generations.jpg 3 generations.

sweete1.jpgsweete2.jpgOur sweet Ella.

grandmapapaellabus.jpgepg.jpg I love this picture.  It’s just about pure love.

grandmapapaellabus.jpgPapa, Ella and grandma on the bus.

thesheep.jpg Here I am with the sheep.  They were doing pretty well here.

everyonemenorah.jpg Here’s the family lighting the menorah.

ellacandles.jpgBeautiful Ella lighting the menorah.  She loves lighting the candles.

Tonight, Sunny and I went out with Amy and Becca and some other friends to see Amy’s sister perform at Kung Pow Kosher Comedy.  We had a great dinner and and Page was very funny – the funniest performer there.  We had a lot of fun and came home at 11:45 – some kind of record for us!

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