Fun, fun fun

Ella is officially on vacation from school.  She also slept for about 12 hours in her own bed which is a record for these past few months. We went to Yerba Buena…we rode on the carousel, ran around in the park and had a great lunch at Moe’s grill.  We did a little shopping at Lucky Kid (great 50% off sales right now) and then came home.  At home, we hooked up with Stella and Juliet.  The girls ran around the hallway with Hello Kitty Golf clubs.  As usual, they had a blast with each other.  Tonight we met Akilah, Brooke, Brickelle and Brooklyn to go see BOLT.  It was a cute movie – Ratatouille was my recent Disney favorite.  The girls seemed to love it.  Ella was pretty great – she only got up a few times out of boredom.  Brickelle did a great job.  Ella had a very busy and fun day.meetingtyler.jpg On the way to meet Tyler.carousel1.jpgcarousel2.jpgHolding hands on the carousel.bigkids.jpg Just look at these big kids!slide.jpg I guess stripes were popular today.jump.jpg Nice jump Ella!elandbrikelle.jpg Ella and Brickelle in front of the movie theater.iceage.jpg Fooling around with the Ice Age display.atthemovies.jpg Sitting together at the movies.

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  1. merilee says:

    Great pictures. I love the one of Ella and Tyler holding hands and looking at each other on the carousel. See you tomorrow! Love you. Mom

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