Stella’s birthday party and Chanukah

We went to Stella’s 4th birthday party today.  Helen planned an amazing party at their house.  It started out with ginger bread house decorating downstairs and ended upstairs with a beautiful tea party.  We all had an amazing time.  After the party, Ella rested and then Amy and Becca came over or a Chanukah dinner.  They brought over these extravagant gifts for Ella and some delicious treats for us.  The day and night were great.  HAPPY CHANUKAH.

birthdaygirlhug.jpg Giving Stella a big happy birthday hug before the party.

emoteaparty.jpg Julie (Emo) and Stella checking the tea party table out before the party.

blankhouses.jpg Ginger bread houses all lined up and ready to be decorated.

newdoraphone.jpg Ella on her new Dora phone.  Thank you Emily!

helenlauren.jpgHelen and Lauren.  I think this is the first picture of us together.

wipingondress.jpg Ella using her new dress as a napkin.

busy.jpgbusyatwork.jpgBusy at work on the houses.

elgingerbreadhouse.jpgellashouse.jpgElla’s beautiful house.

teatable.jpg Beautiful table all set up for the tea party.

cupcakes.jpgexcited.jpgElla seems like she is very excited for the cupcakes.

dancing1.jpgshadow.jpgsmiles.jpgDancing around and having a lot of fun with Juliet and Julia.

chanukah.jpg Lighting the candles.

dressup.jpg One of Ella’s new dress up outfits.  Thanks you guys!

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  1. merilee says:

    Looks like you had a fabulous day. Wanted to call you to wish you Happy Chanukah; let’s talk tonight. Love you. Mom

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