Ella did take a nap in her raincoat

I found out from Gladys that Ella took a nap in her raincoat.  She didn’t take it off all day.  I think it’s usually the opposite  – it’s a pain getting a kid to put on a raincoat!  Ella had a great day at school.  After school Ella had her playdate with Stella, Julieta.  She was so happy in the car coming home – she couldn’t wait to play with her buddies!  Tonight we found Ella coming down the stairs with Helen.  She had her Belle dress on and on top was a polka dot apron and a chef hat.  She looked absolutely crazy.  Ella wore her “outfit” to Acme tonight.hallway1.jpg Ready for another day of rain.withmommy.jpg With mommy on the way to school.walkingin.jpg Ella would not close her umbrella until we were in the classroom.inthepuddle.jpg Walking in a huge puddle after school.chefprincessbelle.jpgback.jpgChef princess.crazy1.jpg Crazy girls with Kiki bows.  Ella’s bow is under the chef’s hat.becca.jpg At Acme with Auntie Becca.

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  1. merilee says:

    These pictures make it hard to believe that Ella is your child. I can’t remember when you’ve been willing to use an umbrella, you certainly never had a gold dress and the apron and chef’s hat and gloves are not part of your uniform! Then again, I’ve seen Sunny in an apron (I think). Love you. Mom

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