Monday Monday

I think Monday is Sunny’s favorite day of the week. Monday is the day that Ella and Sunny get to spend the day together. Here is a recap of the day as told by Sunny. In the morning, Sunny and Ella went to pick Stella and Juliet up to go to Acrosport. Juliet was not feeling well, so it was Ella and Stella. ┬áStella came running out and Ella and Stella went flying down the hallway. Sunny was following them – slowly to give them privacy. There is a spot by the elevator that the girls love to sit down and hang out at. We usually give them alone time there. Just as Sunny was calling out to the girls, seeing how they were doing, she heard the “ding” of the elevator. Sunny went tearing around the corner to see what was up, and she found Stella and Ella standing in the elevator against the wall, with huge smiles on their faces, waiting for the doors to close. I guess Stella is tall enough to push the button (we know Ella can’t) and they just went in. Sunny pulled them out and explained that they have to wait for an adult before they get into the elevator.Ella, Sunny and Stella took the train to the class. The girls were giddy on the train. Ella had a great time in the class. She ran around, jumped on the trampoline, danced, climbed. Ella had a Giants tattoo on her arm and the teacher noticed it. She asked Ella if she liked the Giants and Ella started clapping. Then she said “Bye bye Barry”. We broke the news to her that Barry wouldn’t be back next year and she has been saying bye bye to him. After class, they took the train home. Ella and Sunny had lunch and then Ella took a nap. After the nap, they watched one of Ella’s favorite TV shows “Yo Gabba Gabba” and then they went to Safeway. Ella knows the balloon lady there and she always gets a red balloon from her. Angela, the balloon lady said, “I don’t have a red balloon today, I have a purple balloon, ok?” and Ella said, “OK”. Then Ella looked at Sunny and said, “Don’t let go or it will fly away and don’t bite the balloon, it will go pop!” On the way home, it was really windy out and the balloon was blowing and hitting Ella and Ella was hysterically laughing.I came home from work and we got ready to go to the game with Ellen. Ella was excited to go to the game and had a great time there until the 5th inning (around 9:00) when she said that she wanted to go home. It was past her bedtime so we left. It’s our last game of the season. We’re looking forward to next season already. Here are some pictures from the day and night and a special “Bye Bye Barry song” on the video.trampoline.jpgJumping on the trampoline at Acrosportrings.jpgPlaying with ringsdancing.jpgDancing around – look at those eyelashes!friends.jpgFriends forever. Look at these beauties holding hands!waiting.jpgWaiting for the train to comeellie.jpgGetting ready to go to the game with Ellen3ofus.jpgThe three of us at the gamelouseal.jpgElla’s last picture with Lou Seal for the 2007 season!

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  1. merilee says:

    I was hoping you were at the game. I saw that the Giants won. The pictures at the gym are adorable. And the story of Stella and Ella in the elevator is scary, but natural. It’s the beginning of independence. Love you.


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