The Exploratorium

Today we had another Friday outing with Stella and Juliet. Helen and Ron put a third car seat in their mini-van, so we all went to the exploratorium together. I think Ella got a kick out of driving in the car with the girls. They really did a lot of exploring – they played with magnets, looked at fish, played musical instruments, checked out prisms and rainbows, danced around, played with huge bubbles, and Ella had a blast in front of a mirror. It was a fun adventure and they all did a great job.

Together in the mini-van

The rainbow connection

Here are four photos of Ella dancing in the mirror




Holding hands on the way home

2 Responses to “The Exploratorium”

  1. merilee says:

    Looks like you had such a fun time. Wish I were with you. I love the way Ella played the vibes, and her dancing is out of this world. Love you. Mom

  2. marietta says:

    so i knew she was smart and certainly had to have musical talent, but i am so impressed with her sense of purpose and her ability to use different rhythms and arm movements with the xylophone. she doesnt bang but really plays. listen to me the teacher and the mother. but on another note she does have the prettiest and sexy mouth that makes me smile watching her smile. ps that was a hell of a big slide to go on by herself, and how clever of her to invent a set of brakes for herself. some kid you both have. love, marietta

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