Last Wednesday in October

I actually couldn’t think of a creative title for this post so this is it.  Ella had a great day at school.  The water table in the classroom had sparkly blue water and a lot of spider rings.  Ella loved it so much that she had to change her shirt because it was so wet and she also had an accident because she didn’t want to take a break to go to the bathroom.  Oy vey.  After school, Ella tried these little stilt like things that were on the yard.  They are what we used to call “romper stompers” from the TV show Romper Room.  She really did well on them – especially for the first time.  Ella likes this TV show called Max and Ruby.  It’s a cartoon about these little rabbits.  Ruby is Max’s big sister.  We bought Ella a Max and Ruby DVD tonight and she watched all the episodes.  The shows are about 10 minutes each, so they are tolerable.  They really make Ella laugh.  Ella really loved this one episode where Max wanted strawberries but Ruby wouldn’t let him have them until he ate his eggs.  Every time she tried to give him eggs, Max said, “Bad egg”.  This made Ella crack up.  After the DVD was over, she made me act out the bad egg skit about 20 times.  First I was Max and she was Ruby and then we switched.  Then Ella had this whole skit about the 3 of us going to school.  She has a great imagination.

hallway5.jpgrunning2.jpgRunning down the hallway to get to the elevator.

family1.jpgellafamily.jpgartarea.jpgAlicia put these posters up by the kid’s cubbies.  They asked the kids some questions about the classroom and their families and here are their responses.

redthings.jpgstilts1.jpgstilts2.jpgElla on her “romper stompers”.

mamaellabug.jpg Here we are doing our Max and Ruby skit.

happyfacepj.jpg Smiley kid wearing smiley face pajamas.

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  1. merilee says:

    What a beautiful smiley kid! I love the hysterical laughter over the “bad egg” skit; and Bug is even in there, in on the joke, I’m sure. And I love Ella’s family and art responses. She’s beautiful inside and out. Love you. Mom

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