Feeling better

Ella and I are both feeling better – Ella still has a runny nose, and I’m a little slow, but we’re on the mend. Ella went to her My Gym class this morning and had a blast. She’s really outgoing and does great in a group. Ella is now in a group with kids who are 22 mos – 30 months. She’s on the younger side, but she does so well. In the beginning of the group, the leaders ask us to go around the circle and have the kids introduce themselves. Most of the kids just sit there and don’t say anything and the parents have to introduce them. Today and the week before, when it’s Ella’s turn, she looks out into the group and quietly says, “Ella”. Ella and another little girl Ava were the only ones to introduce themselves today. It was pretty cool.

After My Gym, we came home, had lunch and then Ella took a nap. I took a walk downtown while Ella was sleeping. When she woke up, she said, “are we going to the carousel?” So off to the carousel we went. After the carousel, we went into the Yeurba Buena park. We went down a big tube slide and then Ella went on another tall slide all by herself. After that, we walked through another part of the park and Ella found this Martin Luther King Jr. monument/waterfall. Ella loves the water and played around there for a while. We came home and then Sunny, Ella and I met Ellen for dinner at Acme. If we say “Acme” to Ella, she says, “Mac and cheese and french fries”. That’s what Ella had for dinner and she loved it.

Ella brushing her teeth before My Gym


What a big beautiful smile! Ella was really proud of herself because she climbed up on the chair all by herself.


This is a meaningful quote, and we’re looking at one beautiful part of the future – little Ella

Ella wants to jump in the water so badly!

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