Making up stories

Today, Alicia told me that Ella made up a story instead of admitting that she had an accident.  Basically, Ella was inside with the other teacher and some kids and Alicia was outside.  When Alicia came inside, Ella was wearing a completely different outfit than the one she came to school in.  Alicia asked her what happened and Ella told her that she got all wet from the water table.  Alicia told Ella that she didn’t see her outside and she said something like, “Well I got wet from playing in the water”.  Finally, Alicia asked Ella if she had an accident and Ella said, “Yes” and walked away.  Good imagination kid!

running1.jpg A little blurry, but here is Ella running to the elevator.

jump3.jpgjump21.jpgJumping…Ella is getting really good at jumping.  I missed the middle picture, but today, Ella jumped off of this wall all by herself!

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  1. merilee says:

    Sorry I missed Ella’s call last night. Let’s try tonight if you’re home. Love you. Mom

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