Mickey Mouse costume is back!

Ella had a great day at school…however, she had 2 accidents.  We’re not sure what’s going on, but we’re going to have a family meeting tomorrow night to talk about it.  After school, Ella had her special play date with Stella and Juliet.  She came back from their house in this adorable Tinkerbell costume.  Mommy gave Ella  bath and then we were getting ready to meet Amy at Acme.  Ella told mommy that she wanted to wear Mickey Mouse to dinner and she did!  We had a fun dinner – by the end, Ella was getting really tired – until the ice cream came!

hallway3.jpg On the way to school.

newjob1.jpg A new job again!

family.jpg This is a “family” that Ella made before school started.

mickey.jpg Our little Mickey Mouse.

icecream3.jpgicecream11.jpgicecream21.jpgicecream4.jpgA kid enjoying her ice cream.

forbecca.jpg Hey Becca – hope you’re having a great time in Mexico.

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  1. merilee says:

    Is that chocolate sauce on Ella’s ice cream. A girl after my own heart. In fact, a girl who has won my heart. Love you. Mom PS Laur, I hope your toe is feeling better.

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