Buddies from the South Side

Two of Sunny and Phyllis’ closest friends from childhood, Faye and Debi are visiting us in SF. We had everyone over for dinner tonight and it was a lot of fun. Debi and Faye ate Ella up! Ella loved all of the attention, love, excitement and of course cool presents. We had a delicious dinner cooked by Sunny – brisket, rice pilaf, broccoli and carrots. Ella is not a huge meat eater, but she loves her mommy’s brisket. Michael, Hannah and Naomi were also at dinner. Ella had so much fun with everyone.

Ella was dancing around the house waiting for our guests to come.

Crest Sisters. Sunny, Phyllis, Faye and Debi made this “crest face” when they were kids. It’s that thing that they are doing with their mouths. Not everyone can do it – Ella is certainly trying to do the crest.

Blessing over the candles.

Reading a new book with Hannah, Michael and Naomi.

Almost ready for bed – just finishing up the Wizard of Oz.

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  1. merilee says:

    What a lot of love going on! Old, good friends are the best. Sorry we missed your call. Love you. Mom

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