We started this morning at Children’s Day School. We had a parent-teacher conference with Ella’s teachers. We took Ella with us to the school because she had her last My Gym class right afterwards. While we were in the conference, Ella was happily playing on the playground. She was the smallest kid out there and we were both a little nervous leaving her alone with so many other kids running around, but, according to the teacher who was keeping an eye on her, she was great! Whew, what a relief. I realize that this doesn’t mean that things are going to be smooth on Tuesday when Ella has her first day of school, but at least today’s 1/2 hour was a success. I took Ella to My Gym and mommy went to work. Ella had a great time as usual at My Gym, but it’s time to say goodbye to My Gym. There is going to be too much going on this year and My Gym just has to go. Maybe we’ll have her birthday party there again. After My Gym we had lunch and then we went downtown to shop for socks. Ella doesn’t like socks at all, but today when she was playing at CDS, wood chips kept getting in her shoes and I told her that one way to avoid this was to wear socks so she said that she wanted socks. We bought some really cute ones (cute for Ella, not me!). Some have sparkles, some have stars, hearts, polka dots etc. We also rode on the carousel and had a lot of fun. Tonight, we had dinner with Helen, Ron, Stella and Juliet. All the girls are starting school on Tuesday. We are taking the to Great America on Sunday as a special treat.

Having a blast on the last day of My Gym.

Riding on the carousel with Genevieve (the little ballerina doll that is on the mane of the horse).

Ella is very happy here. I just had given her a quarter to throw in the water. I told her to make a wish. I asked her what her wish was and she told me that she wished that she had another quarter so of course, I gave her one.

I gave Ella my shades to wear after I caught her wearing Sunny’s reading glasses.

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  1. merilee says:

    I can’t believe the first day of school is already here! Ella is such a happy child; she’d do great anywhere, but can’t miss at the wonderful school you’ve chosen for her. The fact that she’s willing to wear socks in order to fully enjoy herself is such a sign of her being ready. If I remember the transition for you and Wash U. Nursery School correctly, it was I (me?) who had a hard time. Love you. Mom

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