Only in San Francisco

Today, mommy and Ella had a blast. It is officially their last Monday together before school starts (next Monday is Labor Day and Sunny has to work a little bit). First they took the train to the mall and had shrimp and noodles at the Slanted Door and then they took the train to the zoo and had a blast. Sunny said that Ella kept saying how happy she was all day long. Tonight, Stella, Juliet and Helen came over for dinner and then we all went to the ice cream place. After ice cream, we walked over to the ballpark. Tonight was Jewish Heritage night at the ballpark and there was a klezmer band playing in the front of the ballpark. The band was just finishing up as we got there. We did bump into a rabbi that Sunny knows and then Lou Seal showed up…

Ella having lunch at the mall.

Here are some animals that mommy and Ella saw at the zoo…


Ella playing around on a bear statue.

Dinner with Stella and Juliet.

Ella decided that she wanted to wear an elephant mask on the walk. She couldn’t really see well out of it, so her buddies helped her get down the hall.

Here are the girls patiently waiting for their ICE CREAM AND GUMMY BEARS!

Like I said…Only in San Francisco.

The girls with Lou Seal and Rabbi Langer. Classic.

Ella on the way into the zoo…

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  1. merilee says:

    I want a hat like the rabbi’s. Did Sunny really put her lips on the shofar? Ella looks so grown up and beautiful. Love you. Mom

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