Family Meeting

Sunny and I went to a potty training class because Ella hasn’t shown any interest in going on the potty and when we try to have her be without a diaper, she is resistant. Ella needs to be potty trained by September 2, her first day of pre-school. The woman gave us a lot of good information and instructions for when we decide to potty train. Our target date is this Friday so we had to have our family meeting. This family meeting is a part of the potty training process. Here is how it went. We all sat around the table and lit a candle. Ella was very excited about the candle and asked if she could blow it out. We told her that she could blow it out after the meeting. We started off by saying this (what the lady told us to say), “Ella, we are so sorry that we didn’t potty train you earlier. You were showing signs and we didn’t pick up on them. Mommy and I made a mistake and we need to help you use the potty now.” We then took out a pile of diapers and said (the lady told us to say this too), “Ella these are are the only diapers that we have left. When all of the diapers are gone, you are going to have to go on the potty. Do you understand that? This means that on Friday morning when you wake up, you will not have a diaper or pants. You can wear a sun dress or tank top or tutu, but you will not have a diaper.” Ella looked at us and said, “Then I will go on the potty”. We could have ended it at that, but we did one more thing that the lady told us to say. We told her that diapers cost money to buy and so do things that Ella likes to do like watercolors and we told her that we could only buy one of those things, not both. We asked her if she would rather have diapers or watercolors and she said, “Watercolors and then in a little while, you can buy me a computer.” We both had to stop ourselves from laughing. Anyway, it went pretty well. Ella did a great job listening and blew out the candle with great pride at the end. We told her that on Thursday night, she could take all of her potties and put them wherever she wanted them in the house. We will give potty updates daily.

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  1. merilee says:

    Sounds great! Can we come with some special panties on Tuesday night? Love you. Mom

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