What a beautiful Saturday

We started out today walking to the Ferry Building with Becca and Tucker to meet AJ and Uncle Michael. After a great lunch at Taylors, we walked Uncle Michael back to his hotel (he was going back on the road) and took AJ home with us. We hung around the house, rested and eventually met up with Helen, Ron, Stella and Juliet. We took the huge bubble wand out to the Zen Garden and had a bubble festival. Later on, we went to dinner at Acme. It has been so great having AJ here. We will miss you! Ella is completely in love with AJ (who can blame her). It’s so sweet to watch Ella with AJ. She says things like, “I want to go play with YOU AJ” or “Where is AJ? Do you want to come with me?” It’s not coming out her as cute as it really is, but it’s so cute.

Ella in her new red fairy dress.

Mommy, Becca, Ella and Tucker walking down the Embarcadero.

Helping Tucker quench his thirst.

Ella and AJ resting after a long day of walking.

Bubble mavens!

Here are the sweetest buddies.

AJ teaching a class on bubble making.

Ella gave me her blankies and brought me a pillow when she saw that I was about to lay down.

Crazy Ella with her crazy outfit at Acme.

Beautiful Ella and AJ.

Such beautiful pure love.

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  1. merilee says:

    It certainly is beautiful pure love. I wish, as I’m sure you do too, that AJ lived closer to you. Love you. Mom

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