AJ is visiting!

AJ came to town today. We told Ella that AJ was coming last week and then reminded her last night (Thursday night). This morning when she woke up she said, “OK – I’m ready to go with you to pick up AJ from the airport”. I let her know that she wasn’t coming in for a few hours so we decided to take a little walk. Ella told us that she wanted to wear her ballet stuff to the airport so mommy helped Ella pick out a ballet outfit that she wore for the entire day. We picked up AJ at around 12:30 and Ella was so excited. She became very shy and quiet and it was so sweet. She snapped out of it after a few minutes. After Ella’s nap, mommy came home and then Stella, Juliet and Helen visited. They are so much fun together. Tonight, mommy, Ella, AJ and I went to dinner at Nama and then hung out at the house. Ella is in heaven having AJ here. We are so happy too.

Here is Ella reading a book in the Zen garden this morning.

Ella pushing her car on our walk.

Ella trying to figure out a way to climb this wall.

Having some fun in the hallway.

Dancing with AJ.

AJ trying to sneak her way into Ella’s tunnel.

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  1. merilee says:

    I’m so happy AJ is visiting. Have a wonderful time. Love you. Mom

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